Tuesday, November 16, 2010

World Tattoo Trends: Feminine, Tribal, Portrait, Asian, Calligraphy

Best Styles for Tattoos, World's Popular Designs
Any Google search for the term “tattoos” generates numerous results, e.g. Miami Ink, However, many of the results relate to gallery, images or pictures. There are few discussions on trends and styles. In fact, I have discovered the world's most popular, cool and funky urban ink designs.
1) Feminine Tattoo Trend - Flower, Star
In the past, few women get tattoos. Of those who did, we consider them rebellious or eccentric. Today, many women and girls are fond of ink. Since they are generally small and have delicate physiques, many choose feminine designs. Often, these designs for women are smaller and prettier than those for men. Some of the popular feminine styles include butterfly, star, flower, fairy, and heart.
2) Masculine Tattoo Trend - Dragon, Motorcycle
Guys have been the staunch supporters of tattoos for a long time. In our society, the concept of masculinity is deeply entrenched in the ink. Think of bikers, athletes, or pop icons. Skin art confers bravery, power, strength and of course sexiness. Men's ink is unmistakably daring, bold, eye-catching, and may cover a large part of the body. Best designs for men include tiger, dragon, male gimmicks like tools, cars, motorcycles, instruments and more.

3) Tribal Tattoo Trend - Religious, Sacred
Tribal tattoos are causing quite a stir these days. When I search for information, the terms crept up in many major sites. These steamy styles originate in the remote parts of the world, e.g. Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, and Hawaii. In these cultures, body art is a rite of passage to adulthood. Some tribal tattoos have deep religious meanings. Others transpire sacred revelations. Tribal styles can be traditional or abstract. They include solid curvy lines, interlocking pattern, vivid symmetrical swirls and more. Men are especially fond of tribal designs.
4) Horror Tattoo Trend - Blood, Skull
If you have watched the movie Elm Street, you would know what is horror or fear tattoos. Horror has been an indispensable part of skin art. They are favored by a select of loyal devotees. Often, these devotees may be fond of heavy metal, adventures or extreme sports. Horror designs are characterized by dramatic themes like ghost, spirit, death, blood, skull, scary or ugly images, devil, scream, or witches. In essence, any image that inspires horror and intimidation.

5) Portrait Tattoo Trend - Delicate, Impressive
Portrait requires the mastery of exceptional drawing skills. The same is true for portrait tattoo. Meticulous observation and careful detailing is the tips of any portrait. Often, fine line technique and delicacy are required. Some people said that the best design is portrait. Do you agree? Anyway, a well drawn portrait should show resemblances to the artworks of the National Portrait Gallery. Celebrity Kat Von D has an impressive collection of these. Portrait designs can be idols, pets, movie icons, person in memory, or simply an imaginary figure which you fantasize.